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It's about cars that give you life.

It's about cars

that give you life.

coches.net aimed to reach out to all those people who have little knowledge about cars, to communicate that their marketplace is a secure and reliable way to buy or sell their own car. After giving it some thought, taking showers, and sleeping on it, we realized that, yes, we can divide the target audience between experts and non-experts. However, it would be more interesting to divide it between those who buy a car because it's their object of desire, and those who only think about all the things they can do with it. In other words, between car experts and experts in experiencing life through cars.

With this insight, we crafted a campaign whose main driving forces are the experiences and emotions connected to cars, which is essentially another way of conveying the reassurance that everything will be alright. And it turned out that the joy of mobility could be perfectly illustrated with a unique characteristic of the coches.net brand, the "punto" (point). Thus, "El punto de coches.net" was born, our way of saying that your mobility is the reason for our existence.

Campaing video


Turn up the volume, we're starting the engine.

Turn up the volume,

we're starting the engine.

From there, their new commercial was born, aiming to take our target audience to their ideal future: to that road trip with friends, to that new family in need of a larger car, or even to getting rid of their car to embark on new adventures! The commercial left aside the mere buying and selling of cars to focus on enjoying unrestricted mobility.

In addition to the main commercial, we created three other video pieces, two of which were designed to highlight new functionalities of the platform. All the pieces were thought out and adapted for different formats, both on television and digital media: connected TV, YouTube, display, among others.



Creators at the wheel. And the users too.

Creators at the wheel.

And the users too.

On social media, it was important for intimacy and personal stories to take the spotlight. That's why we collaborated with creators and illustrators such as Moderna de Pueblo, Agustina Guerrero, and Monstruo Espagueti, who created unique pieces sharing what "el punto" meant to them. Additionally, we had a special collaboration with the digital medium Freeda. It was top-notch branded content. Overall, this digital activation contributed around 4 million impressions and over 300,000 interactions with the different posts to the campaign.

As the grand finale, we organized a contest sponsored by influencer Alba Paul, through which we aimed to discover what "el punto" meant to our users. Through a landing page, they told us about their mobility style and entered a giveaway that would bring them closer to achieving it easily with coches.net. The result? 17,000 interactions and 7,000 new registrations in the app.



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If you like our work,

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