Pulsar Plus, the new smart charger for electric cars, from Wallbox. A versatile home charger that is capable of transforming the pain point of EV charging into one of the most relevant features for the consumer.

Fits Your Drive is the concept of this meticulous communication and positioning strategy for a macro launch. It is aimed at eight different markets, in terms of country, language, and the current situation and perception of EV. For this strategy, we created the entire marketing funnel: creating awareness through the master video and TV ad, educational and interactive landing pages for the conviction phase, and the product page for the conversion phase. Each of these phases included a series of digital ads relevant to the mindsets of the reached users.

One of the key phases of the strategy was education. It featured two optimised landing pages that answered the most frequent questions from users who did not know how to calculate their expenses, charging times or choose the right type of charger. Both landing pages were interactive and gave practical examples relevant to each market. This meant that readers could have all their questions answered in less than 8 minutes.

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