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Truths are on fire.

Truths are

on fire.

Turns out that Frit Ravich, a brand we've been helping to connect with its audience through social media for a while now, shared with us a very special launch. One of their flagship products, Cocteleo, was expanding its range with two spicy varieties: Cocteleo Xtreme Chili & Lime flavor and Teriyaki flavor. Hot news!

The request was to communicate the novelty with a fresh digital campaign that would allow us to reach a young audience and, like Cocteleo, make them have a good time. The thing is that all this spicy stuff, and the feeling that your tongue is burning,got us thinking about all those things that, if you don't say them, burn you up inside. And that's how "Put your tongue on fire'' was born, aiming to link the enjoyment of Cocteleo Xtreme with dare, with saying all those things we tend to keep to ourselves.

Campaing video


Graphics are lit 🔥


are lit 🔥

Thus, we created a very bold digital campaign, revolving around three snackable videos where the product was a magic ingredient that gives you the courage to say what you want. The brand presence was the hottest thanks to animated illustrations that reinforced the storytelling.

An Offline kinda Online.

An Offline

kinda Online.

This hot graphic reached its peak in an offline piece we created to boost the online activation: a card game that spices up any gathering with friends, those perfect moments for sharing Cocteleo. The game had its own rules and was part of a campaign kit that micro-influencers and influencers received to create content, even taking it to the streets!

Thus, with video pieces, photos, influencer activation, and several giveaways so the community could also enjoy their Cocteleo Xtreme (and their card game), we generated more than 39.5M impressions and 11K interactions.
Pretty lit, right?

Frit Ravich Frit Ravich

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