Creating engaging content
for a pharmaceutical brand

Almax was the first pharmaceutical product with the ANEFP stamp to have a presence on social networks. This is not easy to achieve in an industry that is so strictly regulated in terms of communication with the end user. After years of talking about the problem (acidity) solved by the product on their Facebook page, how could we continue to create content that would engage and surprise the user?


The solution

Non-acidic recipes

Inspired by an extremely successful format on social networks -quick videos recipes- we created mini videos of non-acidic recipes. In this way, we transferred content that already existed in traditional format to a digital environment that allowed the addition of ad-hoc options.

By posting these video recipes, we were able to give users information that was engaging and of value, without breaching the pharmaceutical industry’s communication rules.

The results




Views on Facebook


Views on YouTube

Other things we do for Almax

Strategy on social networks
Content creation
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