Open Arms

In the summer of 2018, the Open Arms needed a strategy to defend the necessity of its work to the media, to politicians and social networks. The debate became very heated, with concerns about what immigrants would do once they had arrived in Europe, about why they come here, with the fear of possible terrorists among them, about the public spending needed to support them, , and much more.

In the midst of this widespread confusion, we needed to refocus the debate on the one true and certain fact of the situation: when someone is drowning at sea, you can't ask yourself: Do I save their life or do I explain to them the reasons why I might let them drown? In the face of this emergency, all discourse and opinions are meaningless, and the absolute necessity of the work of the Open Arms becomes indisputable.

The campaign was run in outdoor media in several Spanish cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza, among others) but mainly in social media. On Twitter alone, we generated 17 million organic views, and the hashtag #SalvoUnaVida (I’m Saving A Life) became a trending topic, which was also thanks to the dissemination of the campaign by people such as Jordi Évole, Dani Rovira, Ana Pastor, Paco León and Javier Ambrossi.