Colour Catcher

Times change, but household product advertising still contains the same stereotypes as it did in the 1960s: housewives and alienated families whose only concern seems to be hygiene. With the 2018 Colour Catcher UK campaign (colour catcher sheets from the Henkel group), we wanted to change all this.

Under the slogan "Dare to mix", the campaign conveys a clear message to users: lose your fear. Three videos show three characters who not only mix their coloured clothes with whites, but also the different aspects of their lives: a lawyer called John, who becomes Scarlett Labelle at night; Mike, a company employee and judo expert; Melanie, a biologist and goal scorer.

The Colour Catcher campaign has had a very positive impact among the public and in society (receiving acclaim from both PRIDE and women’s football teams) and within the multinational itself, which decided to replicate the campaign for the Australian market.