Art trainee

We're looking for a design student for our Barcelona office, someone who's passionate about creativity, the digital world and social networking. We offer active participation in large projects with national and international reach, through working with major brands.

You will be responsible for:
Conceptualisation and execution of digital and social network projects.
Familiarity with the Adobe package (mainly Photoshop and Illustrator)
Basic photo retouching
To sign a collaboration agreement with a school or university.
Other desirable characteristics:
Motion Graphics / After Effects
3D / 4D Cinema
What we offer you:
To form part of a design team with two designers, two animators and an art director.
Creative office with leisure areas (table tennis, video game room, etc.) and parking for motorcycles and bicycles.
Extra perks: breakfasts, team activities, etc.
Art Trainee

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